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The problem

Have you ever listened to a highly complex piece of music such as this one:

while struggling to follow along with the sheet music? Or perhaps found it difficult to follow along in a really fast piano piece?

So have we, and regardless of whether you are a skilled musician or just starting out, reading sheet music can be challenging.

Our solution

Notezilla is the first tool out there that successfully brings high quality audio and sheet music together. Our sheet music is synced to real recordings, so users can listen to the recording of a piece while easily studying the underlying sheet music.

This makes for a very interactive experience and can provide a level of understanding previously only available to advanced musicians.

About us

How it started

This website was initially started in the Summer of 2013 by @eriklinde to simply make reading sheet music easier for himself. After working on it for a couple of weeks, he started to realize that this idea had a lot of potential, and decided to make it his main focus.

Late in the Summer of 2013, the first prototype of Notezilla was ready, and Erik posted it to Hacker News (a news forum for technology enthusiasts) to gauge the general interest for this concept. There, Notezilla received a tremendous amount of interest, and was quickly voted to the top of the forum. Redditors love it too!

A few months later Chris Dickson, a New York born classical music aficionado and programmer, joined the team and started working on the iPad version of Notezilla. The iPad app was ready a few months later and was launched in June 2014.



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