Change log

Date Description
2014-04-10 Started displaying bar numbers for pieces currently without bar numbers.
2014-03-20 Improved Mobile Safari support: previous issues regarding not responding properly to touch events fixed.
2014-03-20 Improved IE 9, 10, 11 support: previous issues regarding not responding properly to mouse clicks or keyboard presses fixed.
2014-02-06 Added ability to generate custom links for arbitrary positions / sections of Notezilla pieces, and save those to a user library.
2014-01-07 Added support for repeat functionality.
2013-10-28 Added subdomains to support different genres, for example:
2013-10-19 Added tooltips to playback controls.
2013-10-18 Improved full screen mode; score now fits into available space automatically and resizes to fit when going full screen as well.
2013-10-17 Added seek bar to allow for easier navigation in a piece.
2013-10-16 Added a login system to allow users to be able to better customize their experience (with future planned functionality).
2013-10-07 Redesigned our landing page.
2013-09-25 Fixed issue where Internet Explorer 10 wasn't able to process the audio and just remained silent with the wheel spinning.
Please note that we don't recommend using IE10 for Notezilla; recommended browser is Google Chrome)
2013-09-25 Implemented a primitive version of "sticky" key / time signatures. The key / time signatures at the very beginning of the score will now "stick" and thus always be visible, even as the piece scrolls. Note that key / time signature changes mid-piece won't stick at this stage (hopefully in the future).
2013-09-25 Now able to send the "New piece" notification to all our subscribers with just the click of the mouse! Huge time saver!
2013-09-24 Fixed bug causing the score to scroll too late in Beethoven's 5th
2013-09-23 Re-designed front page
2013-09-20 Fixed database problem resulting in missing images from Beethoven's 5th
2013-09-20 Added change log

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